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EHCA Incarcerated Veterans Initiative

The EHCA Incarcerated Veterans Initiative provides a transition process for incarcerated veterans that is loosely modeled after their military service; from Intake (Induction) throughout their incarceration (Basic Training and Active Duty) to their Transition (Discharge) and (Permanent Change of Station) and then “civilian follow up.”


Casework Services are available to all veterans on an individual basis at all thirteen NJDOC correctional institutions, which the IVI staff visits on a regular basis.


The services available may include:



  • Housing Assistance
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Education and Vocational                    Training Opportunities
  • Health Care and Medication
  • Service Documents and VA Benefits
  • Discharge Status Upgrades

The 5 phases of our Program

1  Induction

Begins at the facility where the identified veteran is housed, where the veteran’s history is obtained and then, all available documents and information from a military and veteran perspective will be captured.

A Case Manager develops an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) and enhances that plan throughout, including, pursuit of records, matching skills with goals and possible employers, and developing preliminary

plans for housing, benefits, and sustaining life.


2  Basic Training

3  Active Duty

A Case Manager will be assigned to track the veterans’ transition from Day One: identifying and closing gaps in available records, addressing outstanding fines, obtaining prior job history, skills, career goals and developing a basic career training plan.


The veterans transition has been part of planning since day one, and this is where all of the plans are finalized, all discharge planning; housing, employment, financial is prepared in anticipation of the veteran’s release from custody.

4  Transition

5  Permanent Change of Status

This is the final phase of the veterans’ incarceration and includes assembling all records: military, veteran and DOC.

This includes a coordinated “safe landing": housing, transportation upon release, employment and any appointments, e.g. Veterans Administration.

We provide encouragement, mentoring and support and follow up with Veterans Service Organizations.



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